The training programs we are providing are with full of real world examples to make you productive and awesome in SharePoint. 

Every training program is strcutured in such way that you will complete the trainings once you have started. 


SharePoint School

SharePoint School is structured and comprehensive online training program for learning SharePoint Online development.This course teaches you out of the box features of SharePoint online and make you productive and awesome in SharePoint


SharePoint Online Development

In this course you will learn how to build Business solutions in SharePoint online (Office 365)


SharePoint Framework Live Training

SharePoint framework is a 6 week workshop teaches you on how to build solutions in SharePoint Online (Office 365).


Build Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013

Comprehensive online course for Developers, IT Pros and End users on how to build solutions using workflows for SharePoint online (Office 365) and SharePoint On-premises (2013,2016) using SharePoint Designer 2013. 


Jquery in SharePoint

In this training class you will learn how to customize SharePoint using Jquery. 


Getting Started with SharePoint Online

Online course to help you to get started with SharePoint Online (Office 365) development.


REST and CSOM Live Training

6 week live training on REST and CSOM


SharePoint Add-ins Live Training

6 week live training on Add-in which includes both SharePoint Hosted Add-in and Provider Hosted Add-in


SharePoint 2016 Bootcamp

Step by step program to learn SharePoint 2016 development. In this 8 week program, you will be able to learn the skills required to build solutions using SharePoint 2016


One to one coaching

One to one coaching with Devendra and team to improve your SharePoint skills.